The author project For Four is performed by four dancers with the same mindset in their heads, in different body manifestations. Each of the dancers, moving on its geometric shape, creates space inside and out of the squarespace. The sensitivity of exclusively male strength is caused by the fragility that results from the danger of falling out of the solid geometric dimensions of the square and the common rhythm that its regularity condition.

Choreographer: Ognjen Vučinić

Performed by:  Endi Schrotter, Mate Jonjić, Ognjen Vučinić, Šimun Stankov

Light design: Ivan Lucic

Costume designer: Paola Rilović

Sound design: Luka Gamulin

Trailer director: Lovro Mrđen

Video cameraman: Matej Subotić

Photographer: Karla Jurić

Graphic Design: Sara Pavleković Preis

Producer: Sabrina Herak Smokovic

Music: Dexter – 66

Text author: Ivana Vuković

Mentor: Darko Lukić

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