The interdisciplinary project PROS and CONS combines scenic movement, sound design, dramaturgy and virtual world as means of artistic expression, stressing out technology (virtual reality and sound softwares) as an increasingly present dramaturgical tool. Combining the power of theatrical means of expression, especially of movement and narration, and virtual reality, this project is a completely new way of interactive storytelling which simulates the virtual world in a wide field of vision of 360 degrees.

The project points out the importance of juxtaposing reality and virtual reality, and the role of the set which viewers experience in real time and enter into as the main protagonists, finding their own place in the exposed storytelling and creating their own opinion based on what is offered to their eyes and ears.

Author and artist: Jelena Remetin

Production team: Ivan Mrđen, Jelena Remetin, Jelena Mićić, Andrea Remetin, Tatjana Aćimović

Music and sound design: Damir Šimunović

Voices: Mirna Herman Baletić, Nadja Joksimović, Tvrtko Jurić, Nataša Kopeč, Milica Manojlović, Frano Mašković, Jelena Mićić, Irma Milović, Romano Nikolić

Dancers/choreographers: Branko Banković, Filipa Bavčević, Dina Ekštajn, Ida Jolić, Almira Osmanović

Male silhouette: Borna Baletić

Support in creating VR content: Spotlight

Technical support: Samsung i T- Mobile

Production: art organization de facto in cooperation with art organization YELO

The project was realized with the help of the Ministry of culture.

Free entry for visitors.

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