„Show must go onˮ – that is what we say when performers have a flu, family problems, or they fall from a horse on their head and hurt their back, but this expression can be used in other situations as well. Performers have to find a way to drag themselves to the theatre, because the audience is waiting. The show has to be performed, no matter what.
But what happens when you have no ideas, when you have no time, when you feel tired, ancient, too vulnerable, dull, simply – crushed? When you don’t know where to start? Are you allowed to give up? Or you just have to find the strength to endure to the end?
This production is the result of that torment. It is both a recapitulation of Mateja Drobac’s work so far and her capitulation in front of yet another task, yet another performance that simply has to happen; it is helplessness and discontent and frustration.
However, it is also the celebration of the self-proclaimed failures, a party for the socially awkward, an attempt to talk about fears and difficulties… Because, even though you may not have the best reason to get up from your bed, you still get up and take a step. And you dance. That is why performances are created. That is why they are performed. No matter what.

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