As a place that raises questions of individual vs. collective, conscious and unconscious takeovers of the environment characteristics and a question of defining oneself in relation to the environment, Fear of small differences is a project that strives to highlight the space between the desire for adaptation and its impossibility – the space between the identity that arises when being displaced from the usual and accustomed.
By alienating one’s own body in the purpose of adjustment, the boundary between one’s own and another’s is lost, a sense of belonging is sought, nostalgia is awakened, the past and present, the known and the unknown are negotiated.
The performance uses fragments from the texts: Micromonologues (Petra Pleše), Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll), and the thoughts of friends from abroad (Dora Brkarić, Emese Hoffmann and Anđela Brnas).

Authors and performers: Anna Javoran i Viktoria Bubalo
Music composer: Nikola Krgovič
Costume designer: Ana Mikulić
Photo and video: Urh Pirc
Light designer: Anja Sekulić
Scenographic support: Matej Kniewald

Supported by the Creative Europe program of the European Union – Be SpectACTive!
Duration: 45 mi

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