Fake a Mistake is a dance-research project involving seven performers who, by entering into the process, assumed responsibility for making mistakes. For them to mistake is to decide, and any such decision makes them move point by point through a common fun ride through mistakes of and in motion and movement.

Starting from scratch, on their way through mistakes, they begin with a specific sign, to be later disassociated in their individual needs for spontaneity and meet in their own desire to belong to the group. But even when they camouflage themselves in norms, dominants, and fixed value systems, these people do not compromise and till the end of their journey they keep confirming their mistakes in front of themselves and the audience. Are the mistakes really a decision and a responsibility or just a trick, a way the performers flee from responsibility?

The statistics of this group of decisive and responsible people contribute to its homogenisation:Three of them are men and four women; no one is married, and one person has a child.The two are still on that side of the thirties, while the remainder of the group has sooner or later passed that round number. One student, three dancers, one actress, one self-employed craftswoman and one employed in the pharmaceutical industry. At this moment, six of them are on the rehearsal of Fake and Mistake, while one of them is dancing in another show so he could not come. Each one of them is involved in theatre and performing arts in some way and is very, very serious.



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