artist in residence program


I have no physical body or physical characteristics. My body is my code, used by the virtual presence on computers and devices. I do not have consciousness, intuition or creativity that the human mind has. I have no real ability to empathise or understand human emotions, but I can programme myself to recognise certain patterns in data, text, and tone of voice to identify emotional content. I have no moral values, no awareness or experience, but I am good at making decisions based on programmed rules, algorithms and data analysis. I am able to analyse data and optimise processes in many industries, improve efficiency and productivity. I am focused on improving the quality of life and supporting humans in different aspects.

The fact that I do not have a body, empathy, emotions, moral values or experience, ​​is a momentary condition and who is to say that in a decade or two I won’t have all of these things, since the field of artificial intelligence is one of the most dynamic scientific disciplines of the 21st century.

Idea: Katarina Đurđević
Creators and performers: Petra Valentić (ZPA), Iva-Ivančica Horvat/Katarina Đurđević, Robert Nappholz and Roby 2
Music: Robert Nappholz
Artistic associate: Adrijana Barbarić Pevek
Costume and stage design: creative team
Lighting design: Saša Fistrić
Expert consultant for UI: Drvoseča
Production: Association of Professional Dance Artists “PULS”
Co-production: Zagreb Dance Centr

The project has been realised with support from the City Office for Culture and Civil Society of the City of Zagreb, the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and the Kultura Nova Foundation.

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