The word mistake is defined as an error or blunder in action, opinion or judgment. This generally accepted perception of mistakes fails to observe their potential benefits and focuses on the negative. Mistakes Market / Error Exchange questions the conventional understanding of that word and challenges the negative attitude towards mistakes.

We see mistakes and their consequences as something fluid and changeable. For us, mistakes make an important part of human life, and are not to be avoided and fret about; they are just another web of circumstances in which life, performance, written or spoken word, events and many other things take place, and if we don't notice them, they may not even exist.

This project is a research into mistakes and their influence on human behaviour. Each performance is based on carefully thought-out structure full of improvisations, but each one is different, fresh and new because the performers bring into it their on-the-spot ideas and impulses and act upon them.

Performing: Sven Bahat, Dora Kokolj, Mate Mihaljević, Veno Mušinović, Eni Vesović and Vanja Budimir
Idea and concept: Dora Kokolj
Dramaturgy: Anja Pletikosa
Graphic design: Kristina Mirošević
Production: de.not
Partners: ekscena, Bacaći sjenki, POGON

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