E=MC² (I love physics)

Four teenagers get together to study for a test in physics. As usual, the material is overwhelming and time is short. Some have already learnt it by heart and are showing off while the rest are groping in the dark with their minds wondering over things far more important in real than this dry and wearisome subject.

So wearisome in fact that, formula after formula, definition after definition, one by one they all fall asleep. Including those who know the subject by heart and show off. Cramming seems to have all been in vain for our company – or perhaps it has not?

All of a sudden our foursome wake into the same dream. They soon find out theat the forces they've just been studying act through them and that they can only act through these forces, in sleep. Their bodies seem to have become a part of a great experiment or of flowchart of the rules of physics. They rule!

E=mc2 is a performance inspired by the basic laws of physics. Choreographer Zrinka Lukčec seeks to apply them in dance, using the body for demonstration. The perfomance is intended for children and adolescentse as well as for the adults who have finally – or again – dared to fall in love with physics.

Choreography: Zrinka Lukčec Kiko

Dramaturgy: Rona Žulj

Dancers: Ognjen Vučinić, Petra Valentić, Petra Chelfi i Andreja Jandrić

Sound Design: Damir Šimunović

Light Design: Milan Kovačević

Production: Zagreb Dance Comapny in collaboration with HIPP

Support: Ministry of Culture of Repbulic of Croatia and City Office for Education, Culture and Sports Zagreb

Duration: 40 min



40 KUNA / 30 kuna (pupils, students, pensioners, professional associations)

25 kuna organised group (10 people and more)


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