Donna Clark (SAD): Narcissus rising

In 1968, when Eleo Pomare created “Narcissus Rising,” the sexually aggressive, militant solo that would become his signature dance, it probably seemed inconceivable that a woman could convincingly inhabit the role. But then, lots of things that seemed inconceivable then now do not. Piece that has marked a shift in the US dance landscape, Eleo has transferred later to Donna Clark who has given it her own signature keeping its original spirit and intention.

Donna Clark is an artist from New Yorker who became interested in dance by first exploring all forms of the arts including music and drama. She developed as an artist as a member of the Alpha Omega Young Adult Workshop under the direction of Ronn Pratt and later Andy Torres. Simultaneously she studied at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance on a five-year full scholarship. As a long time artist of the Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company, under the artistic direction of Enrique Cruz DeJesus, Clark has had the honor of performing and setting the work of Eleo Pomare. She is a performer and assistant choreographer of the ongoing production of On Kentucky Avenue playing in the local and regional theaters.

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