It is a sunny afternoon in late autumn in Rio de Janeiro, a time of bountiful meals in preparation for the arrival of winter to the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth, where winters are not sharp, but pensive. A completely ordinary person lives there, an old man with wrinkly, hardened skin and a soft heart. Joao lives a lonely, humble life, and asks for no one. But life has decided to change his path. A completely ordinary event has turned his fate upside down.

It is a story of a sudden and unusual friendship which can change a life, create laughter and melt hearts. If you thought it was impossible for a man and a penguin to be best friends, you were wrong. It is precisely these slightly incompatible creatures that accidentally become inseparable. This proves that friendship knows no boundaries, forms or shapes, that it destroys all prejudice and builds bridges between all living things.

Dindim, About Affection was based on a true story, which happened in Rio de Janeiro, when an old man became like family to a Magellanic penguin. This amazing story is shown through the magic of puppet theatre.


The GLLUGL Arts Organization was founded at the end of 2015. The name GLLUGL, an acronym of three performance arts – acting, puppeteering and music, (in Croatian: Gluma, Lutkarstvo, Glazba), clearly marks the areas in which the organization operates. The originators of GLLUGL, actors and puppeteers Filip Eldan, Nikša Eldan, Katarina Arbanas, director, actress and puppeteer Tamara Kučinović, theatre pedagogue Renata Eldan and musician Petar Eldan, were led by the idea of enriching the cultural life of the city of Varaždin and beyond. The goal of GLLUGL's work is to create an interest for culture and art in children and young adults, keeping in mind the more mature generations.

Director: Tamara Kučinović

Script: Tamara Kučinović i ansambl

Set Design: Petar Nevžala

Puppets: Ivana Živković, Sheron Pimpi–Steiner

Music: Marko Hrašćanec

Sound Design: Petar Eldan

Lighting Design: Tamara Kučinović

Cast: Nikša Eldan, Sara Ipša, Goran Guksić

Narrator: Zvonko Zečević


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