Dance Week Festival: Inclusive dance workshop

Inclusive contemporary dance workshop facilitated by Veera Suvalo Grimberg, choreographer for the Swedish group Danskompaniet Spinn, a professional dance company based in Gothenburg, Sweden, which has been increasingly presenting their works in an international context.

Spinn follows the principle of dance being an artistic expression which questions the stereotypes of what dance is and what it could be; different bodies of different abilities meet through new and different methods of creation and present the art of movement and dance.

Everyone is welcome in this world. It doesn't matter how many pirouettes you can spin, but what you're expressing through them. In this context such vision of dance is very close to the Croatian collective IMRC, as well as the principles of inclusive practice which the Dance Week Festival has been promoting for three decades!

Spaces are limited. Applications will be processed in the order of arrival, however persons with prior involvement in contemporary dance with a focus on inclusive practice, as well as persons who attended the performances of Trippel by Spinn and Solo for Nerea by IMRC at the festival, will have advantage.

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