Dance Week Festival: Break dance workshop

This workshop is suitable for young people of all ages (boys & girls) with no previous experience in Dance.
Our aim is to introduce the participants to the basics of break-dance technique and make them discover the multiple possibilities of movement that it offers.
We will teach loose movements and the creation of sequences that allows to put together a short choreography for the group to perform at the end of the workshop.

90 min with a break of 15 min.

– Warm up & stretch
– B-boying foundation
– Break-dance basis
– Soil technics
– Styles and shapes
– Group choreography
– Cool down & stretch

It is recommended attend with sports clothing and a bottle of water.

The workshop is free. Spaces are limited. Applications will be processed in the order of arrival, however everyone with a valid ticket to the performance of AVALANCHE on May 31st 2017 will have priority.

Apply to:

Argentinean born Dani Pannullo developed his entire career as choreographer and artistic director in Madrid (Spain) where he lives and works since the early 80’s. He is well-known for his avant-garde vision of dance creation and for his pioneer introduction of urban dance in the stage. 
Pannullo’s universe combines urban poetry, social and spiritual experiences and ethos of the metropolis with hip-hop, free jazz, pop tunes and world music in a unique dance technique.

The diverse styles of performing arts and contemporary pieces are infused with imaginative reinterpretations of ancient and traditional dances bringing them to the current context of urban life.

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