Dance film evenings

In cooperation with RIKŠAFILM Artistic Organization and Ljiljana Mikulčić, Zagreb Dance Centre organizes evenings of short films focusing on movements in the film industry and thus the dance film.

Screenings are followed by a discussion with the audience about the different short film form and how they affect the dance film.

Programme (65 min):

Smoke Clad Warior (3 min) – Adrian Künzel

Zora prije svitanja /Down Before Sunrise (7 min) – Helena Schultheis Edgeler

Akceleracija ( 11 min) – Andrej Rehak

Untitled Until Today (8 min) – Adrian Künzel

Dva vremena u jednom prostoru ( 12 min) – Ivan Ladislav Galeta

Ne spavanje ne ubija (9 min) – Marko Meštrović

Izvana (15 min) – Liliana Resnick


REFLEKS is a program that screens and discusses dance films in the context of audiovisual artwork in general. The program has started on February 2017 in Zagreb Dance Center, Ilica 10, Zagreb, Croatia, and will run regularly till June 2017 and hopefully will continue in September of 2017 again. Please check the website for the dates of screening.

Ljiljana Mikulčić, a filmmaker and choreographer, runs the program.


Ljiljana Mikulčić holds an MFA in Cinema from San Francisco State University, and BA in philosophy and comparative literature from University of Zagreb. She published many articles and essays in many newspapers and magazines in her native country and abroad. Her films are shown at many festivals around the world.

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