Reality is composed of small rituals, coincidences, important encounters.

Sometimes we encounter problems, sometimes we encounter friends, and sometimes we have an urge to encounter oneself.

The quest for time and space of potential encounters is happening while having coffee outside or having coffee under the eyelashes.

Attractive in their unrestrained unpredictability, dreams are the matrix through which we channel, fabricate and process experiences.

In search for that common, universal experience, it's possible that we are really mostly connected to the universe in the moments that escape the hard categorization of the rational and are occurring in the void between dreams and wakefulness.

This performance is created on that porous boundary between quest and urge, sensation and feeling, fiction and reality.

Choreography: Zrinka Lukčec Kiko

Dramaturgy: Maja Sviben

Coauthors and performers: Dora Kokolj, Eni Vesović

Visual and projection design: Majda Džanić Bogojević

Costume design: Emina Kušan

Music: Višeslav Laboš

Photography and trailer: Neven Petrović

The project was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the City Office for Education, Culture and Sports.

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