Cloud Deluxe

Cloud Deluxe is a solo by Stošija Zrinski, which the author performs on the piano music composed and played alive by Martina Šver. Through dance and music improvisations, the dancer deals with her innermost feelings and her doubts about her artistic path, but also tackles the issues of everyday life and spirituality. During the performance, the viewer witnesses uncertainty, emotional struggle, tenderness, fear of routine and the sense of timelessness and mysticism. Communication and synergy between the dancer and the pianist, and the synergy between dance and music is what makes this performance particularly compelling.

About music:

The composition entitled Spirit illustrates the emotions and situations that the dancer experiences during the performance, both in her mundane life and in her spiritual life, in which the presence of the Divine is mirrored. It was composed during the rehearsals, shaping dance themes and movements into a classical composition which is interpreted in jazz style, with rich improvisations which encompass both everyday and eternal, and invoke the sense of peace and harmony, and endless associations.

Author: Stošija Zrinski

Music: Martina Šver

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