CHOREOGRAPHIC FANTASY No. 3 is the latest work in the series of the award-winning works (the Croatian Association of Dramatic Artists’ award for the outstanding choreographic achievement and the Croatian Dance Artists Association for the best choreography) that are considering the choreographic as an intuitive and a structural practice that is evoking trust in the very essence of the dance medium, exposing its fragility and enhancing its core. Dance as an affirmative production of memory is enabling understanding of the form as an articulation of aesthetic ideas and their attainments, their transformations and recontextualisations.

This new work, created under the working title Open Processes, considers a dance performance in a wider artistic perspective. It subscribes itself as committed to dance as a process, re-establishing the tenets of historical modernism as the very aim of a dance work. By meticulous research of individual layers of the emerging dance, Choreographic Fantasy No. 3 offers an in-depth analysis of choreographic practice opening up new approaches to its continuous research.

This performance cycle will be accompanied by a discursive and talk program that will consider diverse layers of explorations, choreographic and theoretical work, by opening new optics in this ongoing choreographic research. New book titled Choreographic Journal: seeing / vidjeti published recently in 2018, will also be presented by its authors and guests. 

Talks are with free entrance and the tickets for performances are available at the box office and can be reserved online here. 


March 19

17:00 h: Performance 

March 20

17:00 h: Performance

18:30 h: Form, Music, Sense: a talk with the dancers (dancers: Filipa Bavčević, Marin Lemić, Silvia Marchig, Sara Piljek, Nastasja Štefanić, moderated by  Iva Nerina Sibila)

March 21

17:00 h: Performance

18:30 h: Reading dance: Choreographic Journal: seeing / vidjeti (with: dramaturg and editor Zee Hartmann, theatrologist and professor Lada Čale-Feldman, choreographer and author Marjana Krajač, moderated by: Srđan Sandić)

March 22

17:00 h: Performance

18:30 h: Lecture by Zee Hartmann: Negative Dramaturgies and the Development of Productive Negation


Author and choreographer: Marjana Krajač

Danced by: Filipa Bavčević, Marin Lemić, Silvia Marchig, Sara Piljek, Nastasja Štefanić

Documentation: Tjaša Kalkan

Graphic design: Valentina Toth 

Assistent: Leonardo Krakić

Project guest: Nemanja Čađo, Kristina Legin

Technical Director  : Duško Richtermoc

Light design: Marino Frankola

Communications: Anita Klapan 

Production: Sodaberg koreografski laboratorij


The performance is created in collaboration with Zagreb Dance Center, Sodaberg Choreographic Laboratory, and by Norwegian Academy of Theater Studies at Østfold University in Fredrikstad. Realized with support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and Zagreb City Office for Culture .

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