Caroling is a project conceived as an exploration of performing Christmas carols as an act of community spirit, and at the same time an examination of the idea of singing in honour of something. Starting with the very act of voice production, we dealt with the construction of tone, polyphony, structure, as well as the idea of a choir performing abstract and fixed musical patterns accompanied by movement. Four female performers constantly listening to each other and adapting within a live performance highlight the ways in which the musical or opera format is tied to the social act of singing Christmas carols in a quartet. In Caroling, the religious themes in the lyrics of these songs are modernised by incorporating reflections and comments on everyday topics. Combined, this becomes a complex network of signs and meanings examining the idea of a woman’s voice, the importance of the individual within a community, and the responsibility towards one’s freedoms.

Author:  Petra Hrašćanec
In collaboration with  Anika Cetina, Ema Kani, Valentina Miloš and Margareta Sinković
Composers:  Gordan Tudor i Leo Beslać
Song arrangements:  Leo Beslać
Voice coach:  Lana Hosni
Songs:  Jelena Miholjević
Costumographer and scenographer:  Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin
Costumography assistant:  Petra Bobić
Light designer:  Bojan Gagić
Visual design:  Danijel Žeželj
Photographer:  Nina Đurđević
Video:  Josip Visković
PR:  Ivana Sansević
Producer:  Petra Begović

Co/Production:  Artistic organization 21:21 and Zagreb Dance Center, 2022

The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, the City of Zagreb and the Kultura Nova Foundation.

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