Bruno Isaković and Mia Zalukar: Suddenly everywhere

Suddenly everywhere is a dance duet by Bruno Isaković and Mia Zalukar that researches totality of influences on our (ir)rational decisions and states of being.

Through movement and encounter of two bodies it brings about meanings and qualities of their charge to the surface. We are all woven by our own histories, our actions are the result of our experiences, our (in)securities and personal aims for the future.

Suddenly Everywhere deconstructs a complicated structure of paths we take and through their gaps intensifies visibility of that not seemingly present.

Bruno Isaković graduated with a degree in contemporary dance from Amsterdam School of the Arts in 2009. In 2010, he returned to Croatia to continue his intense activities in the field of dance art, and in September 2011 became a member of Contemporary Dance Studio. He works with different choreographers, creates his own performances, and holds dance workshops. Isaković has received various prestigious scholarships, as well as the following awards: Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Deinst – Stipendienurkunde (2010) and Jury Award and Best Solo Dance at Solo Dance International Festival in Budapest. He has presented his work extensively internationally to over 20 countries including the US, Europe, Brazil, Korea, Japan.


Mia Zalukar was born in 1989 in Zagreb. After graduation from High school of Contemporary dance Ana Maleti; she continues her professional education in SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance), and finishes BA study of cultural menagment Baltazar Adam Krčelić in  Zaprešić, Croatia. During her career she collaborated with many choreographers from Croatia and the region and has a continuous collaboration with Marjana Krajač.

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