The empty space in front of us marks the possibilities we are accustomed to, the dreams we yet have to realize and of course, the performances we want to create. However, a change bringing the unknown consequences that affect everything we know, slowly spreads through the space, and we become witnesses, participants, victims and culprits. We are in the midst of a pandemic, and the possibilities we are used to are narrowing, our lives remain unplanned, we no longer dream about the future we have to get to, but the past we want to return to.
The performance we want to create translates the impact of the crisis on the public space, society, body and the performance itself into scenic movement. Spaces are measured by the possibility of the distance between the people, new protocols of behaviour are being created, the meanings of freedom and responsibility get mixed up. We present the essence of the transformation we are going through by movement which is infected/contaminated with the mechanisms of accepting a new reality. We move hesitantly, we step into madness, we protest in frustration, we are in conflict with everything, we trust no one, we are exhausted and conquered. We move burdened by/with the hope to return to what we had before, to what we know as normal. We move to the point of exhaustion, and the exhaustion is the last point before accepting the new reality. In that state we are sitting in the space, changed, masked, new, normal. Bodiless.

Authors: Mia Zalukar, Bruno Isaković
Music designer: Hrvoje Nikšić / Kramasonik
Costume designer: Ana Fucijaš
Costumes made by: Aleksandra Jurišić Rastović
Lighting designer: Marino Frankola
Poster designer: Designed Motion
Producers: Malo Sutra, Domino
With the support of Zagreb Dance Center
Teaser / photo: Neven Petrović

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