Bodhi project: Bodhi and Ubuntu

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It is said that the site of the bodhi tree is the last place on earth that would be destroyed when the world comes to an end, and when the world reappears it would be the first site to be created.

The Slovenian choreographer Mala Kline and the dancers of BODHI PROJECT explore the potential of the tree as an image, a diagram, as a site where the world dreams itself into being.

It unfolds itself moment by moment, from within the body that is itself a tree, from the intervals between bodies that are a tree.

Bodhi is a tree that dreams, a tree that dreams itself into being through dance.



The piece Ubuntu, a simple word meaning "I am because of who we are", is based on an idea or philosophy from the Southern African region, and is often translated as "humanity towards others". The dance work which is closely linked to light design and music.

In Ubuntu the dancers are looking at their lives, just for a moment, for a blink of an eye. Most of the time they are unsure if it is a past, present or a future life. Sometimes connecting with others, sometimes not.

They try to collect moments in their memories, and look at them again and again as if looking at a photo album of ones life. Sita’s choreography brings light to these captured moments, and then they slip away in the darkness again.

Expressive fluent, sensual, and earthy movements, soloists and groups appear wedded with light and darkness. The quality and rhythm of the material plays the biggest role in transmitting the meaning of Ubuntu. The dancers let go of what they know physically completely and move from an honest, instinctive point.

What makes Sita Ostheimer’s choreography so original is not only the unique language for her particular and peculiar movement language, but also the manner in which she weaves together her light, dance and music, creating an atmospheric world.

This world of Ubuntu is moving, identifiable, and lures you into its embrace with its elegant and seamless montage of images.

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BODHI PROJECT was founded in 2008 by Susan Quinn as a postgraduate contemporary dance company in residence at SEAD in Salzburg, Austria. It is a showcase for new choreographic voices in the international contemporary dance scene. BODHI PROJECT has built a reputation for embracing a range of different styles of contemporary dance, performed by outstanding young dancers at a key stage of their artistic development. The company has been internationally presented in more than 100 performances in venues ranging from festivals and theatres.


Concept, Choreography: Mala Kline

Project Assistance and Light Designer: Barnaby Booth

Performance: SEAD's BODHI PROJECT Camilla Teixeira Oliveira, Dimitri Christos Kalaitzidis, Juliette Valerio, Michele Ferrer, Simon Kriisin, László Takács

Music Compositions: Gašper Piano

Production:SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in cooperation with SZENE Salzburg.

Duration: 20 minutes


Premiere: February 8, 2016, New Faces New Dances, republic Salzburg

Restaged: In the autumn 2016 with the dancers from Bodhi Project 2016/2017

Choreography: Sita Ostheimer

Performers: Camilla Teixeira Oliveira, Dimitri Christos Kalaitzidis, Juliette Valerio, Michele Ferrer, Simon Kriisin, László Takács

Music, composition: Adrien Casalis

Light: Sita Ostheimer

Duration: 25 minutes

Production: A production of SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance.

Photos: Fivos Sahalas

Video: SensoReye Production


TICKETS: 50 / 40 kuna (pupils, students, pensioners, professional associations)

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