Where is the limit of endurance, and where is the limit of happiness? How do we find our voice in a world full of pre-determined behaviours and desirable patterns? These are the questions Marin Lemić has tried to answer through dance, words and music. Bi-Polar B(e)ar/e offers a view on the plurality within every individual. We are introverted and withdrawn, often breaking down in the battle with ourselves and turning into puppets. At the same time, we can be so extroverted that we become entertainers, performers for the masses, but remain deprived of our own inner value. We create our own fiction, a world we would like to live in, thinking that we will find meaning in it. But the true serenity lies on the border between the inside and the outside, in thinking and doing. In the final stage of this performance, Lemić finds his voice by returning to the physics of the body and the ritual atmosphere in which he recognizes himself. He transforms through movement, he dedicates himself to himself and thus presents his disburdened body. In the rhythm of the music and its repetition, he feels the freedom to which he can abandon himself and within which he can define himself. Freed from expectations, he abandons himself to pure mechanics; by losing control he enters the worlds beyond, and by acting purely from his relationship to the environment he is in, he overcomes the „spectacular outside“ and readily enters into „his own self“.

Choreographer and performer: Marin Lemić
Music editor: Luka Gamulin
Lighting designer: Marino Frankola
Photography: Vedran Husremović and Nika Petković
Visual identity: Josip Kresović
Text: Mihaela Zajec
Production: ON/A
Video: Matija Kralj
Video trailer: Neven Petrović
Thanks to: Ida Jolić, Maja Sviben, Tana Mažuranić

This project has been created through the Mediterranean Dance Centre and Kamba Garage residential programmes. It was supported by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media and the City of Zagreb, and realized in cooperation with Zagreb Dance Center within its Koreospektar programme.


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