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program Koreospektar

“…the search for a performing principle that could generate choreographic content rooted in multiple starting points, but at the same time support a more specific approach to space, that is, the aforementioned division into on and off screen. We quickly came to the conclusion that the technique of collage allows some parts to always remain visible (on), and some to stay invisible (off-screen), so we began investigating the possibilities of its translation (on)to the stage. We realised that in the stage context the technique of collage may function through procedures of exposing and concealing the performers’ fragments and their compilation. (…)

(…) We come to the residency at Pogon Jedinstvo with all these conceptual and performative achievements. The main problem question that we will tackle in this new and final phase of our research is what on and off screen between bodies could be. This allows us to build on the previous performance piece, adding a conceptual layer that will thematise, in addition to the already examined spatiality, a specific approach to the duet form.”

Choreography and performance: Dora Pocedić and Linda Tarnovski
Dramaturgy: Luka Bosanac
Music: Elizabeta Marjanović
Technical support: Jasmin Dasović and Lana Nežmah
Visuals design: Bojan Crnić
Photography: Ana Klarić /POGON.hr
Trailer: Neven Petrović

Production: Pogon – Zagreb Centre for Independent Culture and Youth, 2022

Special thanks: Community centre “Voćarska”, NTS Dancestore, Goran Pocedić, Nika Špekuljuk

The dance performance was created as part of Pogon’s development and production program “Pogonator”, co-financed by the City of Zagreb, the City Office for Culture and Civil Society, and the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.

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