An object is transferring to the subject #spine

"Language of pain combines feminism and circus art in their expressive ability to simultaneously deal with the experience of physical suffering and efforts to overcome it, not only through the spectacular physical stunts but through the ordinary women performance." Elaine Scarry

The female body on the stage – mine – performs seemingly simple actions that are for that specific body extremely painful. Focus is put on the possibilities and limits defined by pain in that body.

I place my body as an object in space, dissociating body parts in the movement and deeply exploring them individually, looking for their specific potentials and pain thresholds. Each part of the body is first treated as a single layer, and then the layers are connected in a multifaceted work, as a re-constructed whole, opening new movement possibilities.


Through objectifying and dissociating my body in parts, I look for a synthetic pathway to the subject – myself. I'm starting from the mechanical movement of the body-object, going towards the individual subjectivity of my body. The subject emerges and communicates through each individual layer with the audience, the sound, the light, the space… All parts are included in the synthesis.

Choreography and performance: Nikolina Komljenović

Assistant: Sanja Gergorić

Dramaturgy: Tena Bošnjaković

Sound engineer: Miodrag Gladović

Light designer: Marino Frankola

Stage design: Marino Frankola, Nikolina Komljenović

Costume design: Sanja Gergorić, Nikolina Komljenović

Photography: Ivan Marenić i Bojan Markičević Haron

Production: Nikolina Komljenović

Residency: ekscena, Zagrebački plesni centar (Zagreb dance center) and Wiesen 55 e.V organization,

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