increased heart rate

faster breathing

dilated pupils

sweaty palms

muscle tension – especially in arms and legs

sharpened eyesight and hearing

hormones flooding the body

everything else temporarily stops?


A new impulse provokes a rush of adrenaline inside our body – our body actually rewards us for paying attention to something new. For reacting. For taking a stand. Throughout history, the first ones to notice a predator were those who survived. But today, in the time and age of hyperproduction of various stimuli, the predator never stops lunging at us. From all directions.

Individual and collective readiness for (re)action forces its way through a net of physical manifestations of fear. As it usually is in life, the performers on stage do not know the origins of fears of their colleagues. They may briefly recognize them, feel the need to cooperate or look for protection within the group. But more often than not we rely on the well -established self-protection mechanisms, that become a precondition of survival.

Manifestations of fear thus become a physical vocabulary and build a sound background into which we are immersed together. How to embody fear? Can we overcome the fight or flight response with our creativity? How long can we be ready for action?

Concept and idea: Nastasja Štefanić Kralj
Choreographers and performers: Ariana Prpić, Lucija Stanojević, Nastasja Štefanić Kralj, Eleonora Magdalena Vrdoljak
Dramaturge: Nikolina Rafaj
Lighting designer: Toni Modrušan
Costume designer: Dalibor Šakić
Production support: Koraljka Begović
This project has been financed by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media, and Zagreb City Office for Culture, and carried out within Antiseason 21 programme in partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.

Thank you to: Zagreb Dance Center, KNAP, Vesna Mimica and VEM Studio…

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