FLOW – Compagnie Linga (CH)

flow, the new creation of the company Linga, is inspired by the astonishing performance of animal’s group movements, such as shoals of fish, flocks of birds or swarms of insects. These flexible and fluid formations, capable of modifying immediately their speed and their direction without losing space coherence, question the laws of interactions which act between the various members of a group and the coordination of their movements; they suggested us new choreographic dynamics based on the collective consciousness of the movements in the space.

flow also marks our first collaboration with Keda, a French-Korean duet traiformed by E’ Joung-Ju and Mathias Delplanque, who likes confronting the ancestral tones of the geomungo with textures, rhythms and contemporary electronic processings. With a musical score expressly composed and played live, we imagined for our dancers
and for the public an in full discharge, original and jubilant kinaesthetic experience.


“… between poetic oscillations, abrupt changes of trajectories, rippling or jerky movements, the
interpreters explore the behavioral rules, decode their instinctive variations, question reports
between the individual and the group …” Natacha Rossel, 24 heures, 01.03.2018.


“Flow is exciting, it questions the relationship between individual and group, the limits between
construction and instinct. The final delirium of the audience who continues to applaud for more than
five minutes is absolutely justified.” Renzo Francabandera, Paneacquaculture, 11.12.2019.

Concept i choreography: Katarzyna Gdaniec i Marco Cantalupo
Dancers: Aude-Marie Bouchard, Ai Koyama, Valentin Goniot, Clélia Mercier, Csaba Varga, Cindy Villemin
Original composition: Keda (Mathias Delplanque, E’Joung – Ju)
Set: Emilien Allenbach, Geneviève Mathier, Grégory Gaulis
Costumes: Geneviève Mathier
Adiministration: Françoise Oehrli
Photography: Gert Weigelt, Michel Bovay
Coproduction: Compagnie Linga i L’Octogone Théâtre de Pully (Switzerland)

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