Queer Zagreb seasone 2023 / La Machine de Turing

Records of Alan Mathison Turing, of his mathematical-ingenious brain, and of the historical facts that are formed around him are surprising, interesting, and full of theoretical speculation about the impact that research into athletically built genius has had and still has on the development of artificial intelligence. We can read about his research work, which was crucial to solving the Enigma (a German electric message encryption device used during World War II),


Echo, a solo dance performance by Margareta Sinković, originates from two motivational bases: from desire to establish a specific performing relationship with music and to explore the auditory aspect of the dancer’s body. More specifically, to explore the body that will present a silent dance.  The dramaturgical connection between musical layer and body-performing one is established by an almost oxymoronic conceptual question of how music can emphasize silence in the production of dance material.


Unisono presents us with an intelligent and sensitive individual in a society dominated by appearance.
You are what you appear to be, what we decide your actions represent.
When an AI system breaks down and miscalculates his societal points, placing him lower on the social scale, he begins to lose his drive for diligence and sense of compassion.