PLESONAUTI – Audience development

PLESONAUTI 2023 / The Zagreb Dance Center hosts matinee performances of COCKROACHES for pupils from Poreč and Zagreb, on 26 October 2023.


As part of ZPC’s dance audience development program – PLESONAUTI (DANCENAUTS), the Center will host matinee performances of COCKROACHES, created by Mario Kovač and the Studio Contemporary Dance Company, organised for the pupils and teachers of the Arts School Poreč and primary school “Ivan Gundulić” from Zagreb, on Thursday, 26 October, at 9:30 a.m. and 12 p.m.

In addition to watching the show for children and youth, after the performance, the pupils will have a unique opportunity to talk about the play with the performers and choreographer, find out how it was created and what it’s like to work in a professional dance environment. Along with a tour of the Center building, the pupils will learn more about other theatre and dance professions – choreographer, lighting designer, technician, theater producer, theater program manager and public relations specialist, as well as front-house assistant and cleaner – whose unique contributions all make up a successful dance and theatre performance and programming.

Find out more about the show on the following link, and about the audience development program –

As part of PLESONAUTI, in December, the Center received visits from pupils of primary and secondary art and vocational schools and gymnasiums from Zadar, Đurđevac and Zagreb, while a cooperation with the Solidarna Foundation is also planned by encouraging and making artistic and cultural content available to scholarship recipients of the Desa and Jerko Baković Fund.

The Zagreb Dance Center’s dance audience development program – PLESONAUTI has been financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia since 2018.

About the dance audience development program – PLESONAUTI (DANCENAUTS)

The program Plesonauti / Dancensuts– dance audience development program has been implemented at ZPC since 2018. The program is recognised and verified by the Ministry of Science and Education and the Agency for Education. Plesonauti centres on collaborations with partner schools, allowing pupils to regularly visit the Zagreb Dance Center. The program consists of lectures, workshops, watching dance performances, discussions about performances and conversations with performers and authors, as well as presentations about professions such as dancers, choreographers, lighting designers and theatre producers. The pupils also have the opportunity to take a tour of the ZPC building, i.e. the theatre dance area.

Dance education affects the overall development, balance and personality of a child. It fosters a sensibility for the body in motion, develops body motor skills, encourages a creative approach to movement and dance, as well as creative expression and communication through dance movement. Dance expands one’s sense for movement aesthetics, develops concentration, observation, memory, self-discipline and focus, encourages mutual respect and cooperation, and emphasises the elemental syncretism of sound and movement, that is, music and dance. Many problems afflicting children and the youth (obesity, behavioural and learning disorders, aggression, and lack of empathy) will be significantly reduced if every child is offered a chance to express themselves creatively through movement by participating in well-designed dance programs from an early age.

– Ivančica Janković



  • raising a new dance audience
  • engaging the audience to participate in artistic and cultural events
  • raising interest and fostering comprehension of contemporary dance among children and young people
  • increasing awareness of the importance of physical activity that affects overall development, balance, personality, sense for movement, and develops body motor skills
  • developing creativity and a sense of movement aesthetics in children and young people
  • introducing the audience to contemporary dance art by means of conversation with the audience
  • deepening knowledge about the theatre, dance, and creating a dance performance
  • implementing activities and programs in line with global contemporary trends and tendencies in the world of dance
  • enabling access to cultural and artistic programs for schools from small towns and communities near Zagreb and from the city of Zagreb
  • positioning Zagreb Dance Center as an institution.


The dance audience development program of the Zagreb Dance Center – PLESONAUTI is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.