Modern dance 1,2

16:30 – 17:30
Grey studio

17:30 – 19:00
Grey studio

Modern 1, 2
This course is for those who already have some knowledge of dance techniques and a certain level of physical fitness, because the training is rather demanding. The aim is to help the participants find and develop dance potential in their bodies by exploring their mobility and flexibility. The course includes complex choreographic combinations in terms of body, space and rhythm at the end of the class.


Teacher: IVA VIŠAK

Iva Višak graduated from the School for Classical Ballet in Zagreb, and was immediately hired by the Croatian National Theatre. She has worked with many Croatian and foreign choreographers, collaborated with Dance Europe magazine for ten years, and perfected her skills at numerous professional workshops.

As a teacher, Iva holds courses in contemporary dance techniques and ballet. As a choreographer, she has worked with both professional and amateur dancers/performers, and presented her works at theatres in Zagreb (Zagreb Puppet Theatre, Trešnja Theatre, Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb Dance Center).

Since 2015, Iva studies ballet pedagogy at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb.

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