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JANUARY at the Zagreb Dance Center – a new dance era ahead!

The lavish December program was only an overture for the amazing and vibrant January ahead!

In the new year, the program kicks off on Tuesday, 9 January, with the first in a string of eighteen performance on ZPC’s January dance repertoire!

The new dance year at ZPC opens with two performances of the show CAROLING of choreographer Petra Hrašćanec, performed by Anika Cetina, Ema Kani, Valentina Miloš and Margareta Firinger. Later that week, we are in for as many as six performances of Robert Clark’s piece MASS, performed by Silvija Dogan, Ida Jolić, Zvonimir Kvesić, Martina Tomić, Una Vizek and Eleonora Magdalena Vrdoljak, as well as a reprise of the December-premiered ON SCENE, choreographed by Vesna Mimica and performed by Lara Frgačić, Ana Novković, Branko Banković and Endi Schrötter.

During the third week of January, the program continues with the long-awaited reprise series of MEDUSA created by Zrinka Lukčec Kiko, with dance performance by Katarina Arbanas and Adriana Josipović, and music performed by Bernabe Romero. On the weekend, there is a double-bill showing of PARTE PARTE and PTERO, created by choreographic and dance duo Petra Chelfi and Petra Valentić.

The fourth week of December brings a repeat performance of KILL B. by Mija Zalukar and Bruno Isaković, and a performance of MY BABUSJA DOES NOT KNOW THE WORD BIOPOWER, created by Nastasja Štefanić Kralj and Matija Kralj Štefanić, as well as a performance of SALTO ANIMATO, of creators Nastasja Štefanić Kralj, Filipa Bavčević and Jovana Zelenović.

In the fifth week of January, the final performances will be a reprise sequence of the Zagreb Dance Center’s residency show, EVOLUTION OF THE MIND, by choreographer Katarina Đurđević, performed by Petra Valentić, Iva-Ivančica Horvat / Katarina Đurđević, Robert Nappholz and Roby 2.


The program is realised in cooperation with artistic organisations and associations 21:21, Katana, Plešimedo, ASP VEM, Malo sutra, NIIT, and the Association of Professional Dance Artists ‘PULS’.


Find out more about individual performances and events – HERE.


Dance to the world!

ZPC / Zagreb Dance Center