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International Dance Day at ZPC!

International Dance Day is celebrated since 1982 on April 29. People around the world read the international and national messages that are inextricably connected to dance. UNESCO's International Committee for Dance of International Theater Institute ITI launched the initiative, but they chose the birthday date of the pioneer of modern ballet and one of the largest dance reformer Jean Georges Noverrea for World Dance Day.

The basic idea of ​​this day is to remind the public that dance is an artistic form of expression and enjoyment and of its universality that prevails all political, cultural and ethical obstacles.

ZPC organizes various events in the framework of the International Dance Day.

In the courtyard of ZPC you can dance to IMPRO JAM WITH LIVE musicians NOMAD JAM under the guidance of dancer and choreographer Martina Granic.

Mateja Miković will give a lecture and class of VOGUING style which is very popular and interesting dance style, and Petra Valentić, longtime dancer of Zagreb Dance Company and teacher will be teaching MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY DANCE class.

Admission to all workshops is free and open to all, regardless of their previous dance experience!

At 8 PM the award-winning Croatian choreographer Zrinka Lukčec – Kiko premieres her new performance entitled NA KAVI ISPOD TREPAVICA.

At 9 PM starts the opening of a photo exhibition by Nikolina Nerat Jukić called MOVEM (OM) ENT. The exhibition will be open until 21 May 2017.


11:00 – 12:30  IMPRO JAM 

13:00 – 15:00 VOGUING


20:00 PREMIERE – Zrinka Lukčec – Kiko, performance NA KAVI ISPOD TREPAVICA

21:00 OPENING OF PHOTO EXHIBITION by Nikolina Nerat Jukić


Come to ZPC and celebrate dance with us!