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IMRC workshops

The workshops are inclusive and open to all, and will be held on Saturdays:

4th March 12-13: 30h
11th March 12-13: 30h
18th March 3 12-15h
25th March 12-13: 30h

INTENSIVE WORKSHOP will be held in the week of 20th to 23rd of March from 9:30 to 13:30 h.

For any questions please contact IMRC on their Facebook page:


Inclusive Movement Research Collective – IMRC was founded in 2012, as educational and performance contemporary dance project dedicated entirely to the idea of inclusion. It aims to work on highest artistic and professional level. In four years of existence, it inspired many disabled and able bodied dance enthusiasts to start moving, bringing our workshops and performances to their local contexts. Through our performance work, we are bringing the idea of inclusion to dance and theatre audiences, and empowering our dancers to start their own creative projects. We are building a network inside Croatia, that can secure dissemination of this work. In collaboration with Croatian Dance Magazine Movements we published a special issue of magazine that is entirely devoted to inclusion, and in 2015. we started a small festival Inclusive Stages in collaboration with dance group Magija from Rijeka. IMRC performed in Zagreb, Rijeka, Karlovac, Dubrovnik and Athens as a part of Unlimited Access EU project. Our dancer Sladan Livnjak received Croatian Theater Association Award for his outstanding performance in 2016. IMRC is led by dance artist Iva Nerina Sibila and producer Amela Pasalic. It is a part of Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance.