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HASEKURA PROJECT – work presentation on 20.09. at 14h

Choreographer: Satoshi Kudo
Music composition: Shogo Yoshii and Iván Caramés Bohigas
dance: Jun Morii, Sho Ikushima, Sandra Ortega and Lucia Vazquez Madrid

The work will be inspired by the true story form 17th century: HASEKURA TSUNENAGA was in Europe in 1615 as an ambassador from Japan. After a long trip finally they arrive to Spain where started the meetings with Spanish and Vatican government without success.
When they left some of the Japanese decided to stay in Spain and today there are around 800 people has name of Japón (Japan). 400 years ago there were people who decided to pass their life in a totally different country maybe for love or because a better life or because of
fear to go back after a failure and right now same things keep happening. We look for how 17th century people went through in culture gaps in emotional level and we transform this into physical expression . This expression is based in Kudo’s original technique “Motion Qualia”.