Zagreb Dance Center is the central space for contemporary dance in Croatia, which supports domestic and foreign dance artists in their creation, and by encouraging the strengthening of the dynamic dance scene, plays an important cultural and educational role. In addition to providing artists with adequate working and performance conditions, the main tasks of the Zagreb Dance Center are the programming of highly professional dance performances through repeat performances, encouraging new trends in artistic production, achieving cooperation at the local, national and international levels, strengthening the interaction between the dance scene and the cultural public, educating young audience and a better integration of dance art into the broader layers of society. It provides support to various innovative initiatives of the contemporary dance scene, advocating the diversity and plurality of author’s visions, and motivates artists, the audience and all interested members of the public to jointly research and reflect on choreographic and other dance concepts. The program focuses on co-productions of plays, residency programs, reprise programs, guest appearances, training programs for dance artists through morning trainings and workshops, international cooperation and exchange, audience development programs, educational programs for all interested parties and other additional programs in the field of contemporary dance art.

In accordance with international contemporary trends and events in dance, ZPC opens its own the door to foreign artists.
A partnership exchange of residences with spaces was agreed upon:
– Studio Alta from Prague, Czech Republic

The Zagreb Dance Center will host Czech resident Becka McFadden from April 22 to 27, 2024.

Becka McFadden is a performance maker, performer and director based in Prague, Czech Republic. She is the founder and artistic director of Beautiful Confusion, an interdisciplinary, international collective based at Prague theatre Venuše ve Švehlovce. With Beautiful Confusion, Becka makes performance works at the intersection of dance, theatre and live art for theatres and site-specific locations. She understands her work as creative non-fiction expressed through performance and installation. Her projects include Movement/Architecture, a series of site-specific projects activating the moving body’s capacity to map and evoke architectural spaces in transition, the solo performance-lecture Black Dress, a euphoric exploration of non-binary femme identity for which she won the 2023 Thalia Award for alternative theatre and the performance installations HYPO and stories of the present war. Becka holds a PhD in Theatre and Performance from Goldsmiths, University of London and an MA in Theatre from Villanova University.

Becka McFadden / Photo credis: Svetlana Lopato