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Eurokaz celebrates its 30th anniversary with the premiere of the performance PLAC

Choreographed by internationally renowned Chinese artist Wen Hui and performed by Zagreb Dance Company, the performance PLAC (Croatian word for “green market”) revives life stories from traditional street markets, both in Zagreb and Beijing, where women play a significant role. 

PLAC is about food, clothing, household goods, and money. Plac is also about energy and noise (or the lack of them), quarrels unrelated to business, transactions with the local, anti-mall style, and timing and rhythmic interpersonal actions/connections. It is also about an anxious sentiment about the past and the future: the sentiment about women’s voicelessness in all sectors of life.
The premiere is symbolically scheduled for July 3, the opening day of the first Eurokaz Festival in 1987.

It will be held in the Black Venue of the Zagreb Dance Center and will be a part of Eurokaz 30th anniversary celebration.

The premiere will be followed by the multimedia retrospective of Eurokaz greatest moments in the foyer and, of course, a hilarious party in the courtyard!
Eurokaz has been running The International Festival of New Theater since 1987 and has featured numerous artists and companies from all over the world. Thanks to the authenticity of its selection which contributed to its international reputation, its role has been crucial for Croatian presence on the European theatrical map for more than a quarter of a century. From 2013 onward Eurokaz has put a greater focus on projects (co)produced by Croatian and international artists and partners, but still kept a presentational part of its annual program.

Schedule July 3:

20:00 h
ENFANTS TERRIBLES NEVER GROW OLD – multimedia retrospective

21:00 h
PLAC – premiere

22:30 h

Other performance dates: July 4 and 5

RESERVATIONS:  eurokaz.pr@gmail.com