Keeping up with contemporary international trends and tendencies in dance, the Zagreb Dance Center (ZPC) opens its doors and invites foreign artists to apply for a residency at the Zagreb Dance Center. ZPC strives to encourage new trends in artistic production and fosters cooperations at the local, national and international level. We want to facilitate dialogue with artists from the local and international community.
This allows dance artists to position themselves within today’s current dance practice in Croatia as well as Europe. In addition, we cooperate with other dance organisations and institutions from the world’s cultural capitals (Vienna, Budapest, London, Paris, Bonn, Berlin, etc.). Our intention is to achieve international cooperations in the form of exchange of residencies, knowledge, projects and performances.
The Zagreb Dance Center cooperates with the Machol Shalem dance centre from Jerusalem and the Studio Alta from Prague. The cooperation centres on the exchange of artists-in-residence.


The Zagreb Dance Center cooperates with artistic organisations and associations in the field of performing arts which also organise festivals. ZPC provides the venue, technical capabilities and technical staff.
Dance Week Festival – Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance (HIPP)
Queer festival – Domino
Perforations Festival – Domino
Sounded Bodies – Domino
PIF festival – KUC Travno
Motions: experimental sound event – Kontejner