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AUDITION for dance/ performers – project AGENDA, S. Božić feat. S. Aughterlony

Audition for dancers, actors and performers to participate in the project Agenda, produced by the artistic organization De facto and co-produced by the Zagreb Dance Center and Contemporary Dance Week Festival, Croatia.

Authors: Simone Aughterlony and Saša Božić

We invite all interested performers to send a CV and a photo to the following email address: defactotheatre@gmail.com, no later than December 1st, 2022.

The audition/workshop will be held 6-8 December 2022, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Zagreb Dance Center.

5 artists will be invited to work on the project.

Work on the project will take place: 6– 17 February, 27 March – 7 April;

The final stage: 29 May – 08 June 2023



Agenda is a dance project which brings together Simone Aughterlony, Berlin-based choreographer and performer, the Croatian dramaturge, Saša Božić and 15 dance and theatre artists from Croatia, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. Stemming from extensive research into the term „foreigner “; and the multitude of articulation within the concepts and effects of strangeness, diversity, hospitality and encounters with others, Simone Aughterlony and Saša Božić are creating a research and performance project based on these long-term and politically charged questions through the lens of a collage. The special feature of the show is the collaboration between Croatian, German, Belgian and Swiss dance artists, a large number of dancers of their different ages, which will be insisted upon in the invitation to the audition. The performance is included in the Zagreb Dance Centre Residential Programme and will be performed at the Zagreb Contemporary Dance Week in 2023.



Simone Aughterlony is an independent artist based in Zurich and Berlin, working mostly in the medium of dance and in various performance contexts. Simone has been creating and producing choreographic works for more than a decade. As a performer, she has worked with artists such as Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods, Forced Entertainment and Jorge León, Phil Hayes… She is interested in alternative forms of connection in the processes of which new family constellations are created as possibilities for reconfiguring a culture of community that nurtures known and unknown quantities. Her works are playfully connected by representation and its saturation, overflowing and accepting the phenomenology of misrecognition and absurdity. Simone approaches the performance genre as a world-building practice in which she navigates the contradiction between the dominance of desire and the action of all elements.



De Facto is an artistic organization that has been operating in Croatia and Europe since 2008. It was founded by theatre and dance artists Saša Božić and Zdravka Ivandija-Kirigin with the intention of developing projects that re-examine marginal relations and boundaries between theatre and contemporary dance, with a special focus on the constitution of performers. De Facto puts a lot of emphasis on international collaborations and co-productions, and in each of its projects it is realized in collaboration with at least one foreign artist. In addition to production, through the Spider network, De Facto has systematically worked on questioning contemporary dance and the form of its presentation. Over the past few years, De Facto has performed in about 20 different theatre, cultural and dance institutions and festivals across Europe with an average of 40 performances per year, from the ITD Theatre in Zagreb to the Kaaitheater in Brussels and the Avignon Festival, one of the most important and influential festivals dedicated to contemporary performing arts. In the past two years, De Facto has already presented its projects in 5 different European cultural institutions, thus showing the tendency to increase the number of guest appearances and expand international collaborative and co-production networks.