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TUESDAY 9:00-10:00
Gray studio

Make the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant.

What is Feldenkrais method/Awareness through movement (ATM)?
Feldenkrais method is a somatic practice in which we explore movement, finding ways to move that are
efficient, easy and comfortable for us.

What does an ATM (Awareness through movement) lesson look like?
In an ATM (Awareness through movement) lesson, the practitioner verbally guides the group through a
thematic movement exploration. Lessons are usually conducted lying on the floor, but sometimes also in
standing or sitting depending on the theme of the lesson. The participants move slowly in order to
notice what they do and how they do it, becoming aware of their habits, but also new, efficient and
comfortable ways to move.

Why and what is Feldenkrais method useful for?
Feldenkrais method is a beneficial practice that calms down the nervous system and creates space for
openness, curiosity and learning. It makes it possible for us to learn about our very often detrimental
habits of how we move, sense, feel and think and to find new, easier and more efficient options for
It is useful for dancers, actors, athletes and everybody who enjoys movement, as well as for people with
different bone, muscle and neurological difficulties. It heightens concentration and focus.

How do we feel after an ATM lesson?
After an ATM lesson we feel grounded, very often with a clear sense of skeletal connections, awake,
rested and ready for whatever is ahead.

Who is Feldenkrais method for?
For everybody regardless of age, previous experience or physical fitness. It is very useful for dancers,
actors, athletes and people with physical or neurological difficulties.

What do you need for the Feldenkrais method?
Bring comfortable and warm clothes and a mat if you have one.


ANA JELUŠIĆ is a dance artist and Feldenkrais practitioner. She studied in the BA Dance, Context,
choreography at HZT/University of the Arts Berlin. She has worked with various dance and performance
artists in Berlin and Zagreb alongside making her own work, solos Girl like and Oh and the group work
Vulnerable bodies. She studied the Feldenkrais method at the Feldenkrais Institut Wien.

Contact: anajelus@gmail.com

Monthly fee: regular price 40 euro – dancers 35 euro
Drop-in class: regular price: 12 euro – dancers 10 euro