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Dynamic hatha yoga – DANIJEL DUBIČANAC


About the class:
Experience yoga that enriches your daily movement profile. With this movement, you develop proprioception and interoception, flexibility and a sense of balance. With chosen static holds we strengthen the trunk and prevent the occurrence of pain in the lower back. Add to it guided relaxation and breath work: after the class you will feel calm, energized and ready for the challenges of the day ahead.

Attending the class:
Mondays and Wednesdays, 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., ZPC gray studio, 1st floor.
Dynamic hatha yoga is intended for professional dance and performance artists.

Monthly / drop-in registration fee:
– Professional dance and performance artists and members of professional associations UPUH and UPPU Puls: €26 / €5 — HRK 195.9 / HRK 37.36
– General public: €40 / €7 — HRK 301.38 / HRK 52.74

For additional information and register for a class, please contact danijeldubicanac@gmail.com.


About the yogi:
DANIJEL DUBIČANAC (1973) has been practicing yoga since 1991, teaching hatha yoga since 1996, when he was certified by Swami Krishna in Rishikesh to teach asanas and pranayama. He has been practicing Thai massage since 2008, and became a medical Thai acupressure teacher in 2012. He has been active in acrobatic yoga and inversion therapy since 2009, and has been giving workshops and regular trainings in the region since 2011.

Danijel is the president of the Recreation Society “Yoga-Zagreb”, he regularly leads several yoga groups, teaches individually and occasionally holds workshops and courses:

– yogic Thai massage and acupressure,
– inversion therapy for spinal decompression,
– yoga for a healthy spine,
– breathing techniques from rehabilitation to sports,
– yoga nidra and meditation,
– the importance of movement for health,
– winter swimming in wild waters.

It fosters an individualized and non-dogmatic approach. It is important to him that the practitioners understand the health effects of exercise and learn to practice yoga independently.