Zagreb Dance Center (ZPC) is the central space of contemporary dance in Croatia, which supports Croatian and foreign dance artists in their creation, and encourages a propulsive and dynamic dance scene. It supports various innovative initiatives, advocates diversity and plurality of artistic visions, and encourages artists, audience and the community to explore and analyse choreographic and other concepts together.

The main tasks:

  • to secure adequate conditions for professional dance artists
  • to program highly professional dance performances and their repetitions
  • to encourage new trends in artistic production
  • to collaborate on local, national and international level
  • to strengthen the interaction between dance scene and cultural public
  • to educate young audience and to raise awareness and appreciation of contemporary dance amongst the general public


  • Repertory of dance performances
  • International guest performances
  • Co-productions with local professional dance organizations
  • Artists-in-residence program for local and international artists
  • Program of professional morning classes and workshops
  • Program Koreospektar, intended for the young dance makers
  • International cooperation and exchange
  • Audience development program and Programs of engagement of audience
  • EDU program, which consists of educational dance programs, open for public


Zagreb Dance Center opened its door on October 26, 2009., as the first city-owned building in Croatia designed with the specific purpose of being the center for dance and choreography. Until October 2016, it was run by the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance (HIPP).

From October 2016., Zagreb Dance Center is entrusted to Zagreb Youth Theatre (ZKM), where Zagreb Dance Center remains the highly-regarded central space of contemporary dance in Croatia.


Situated in the center of the city, at 10 Ilica Street, the building of the former Lika Cinema was reconstructed into a dance center in 2009, according to the architectural project designed by 3LHD studio. Zagreb Dance Center has three studios, a big one has a use of stage with the size of 10m x8m, all necessary theatre equipment (sound and light) with 140 foldable seats, we use them for premiere and repeat performances of Croatian authors and visiting artists, other two studios are size of a stage and they are in use for rehearsals for residences, workshops and professional dance classes. There is multimedia space designed for other programs, such as thematic talks, presentations of new projects, symposiums, press conferences and similar. All studios and the multimedia space are available for dance research and other hybrid art projects with dance as one of their components. In addition, the building also includes changing rooms, office spaces, a multipurpose entrance lobby and a roof top terrace.